March 24, 2023

The Smoothest Brazilian Wax Southern Pines

The Elysian Brazilian Wax

At Elysian Skin & Beauty Studio, we take waxing seriously. Not only do we use the best quality wax and have the strictest hygiene standards (we never double-dip), but we also have fun during our Brazilian waxing appointments! Fun appointments mean less stress which means you’re too busy laughing to think about the wax strip going riiiiipppppp!!

Body waxing can be an intimidating endeavor, especially if you’ve tried to do it at home by yourself. The wax has to be the right temperature and consistency, and the angles to pull must be exact. You’ll need leverage and to pull quick. With the right technique, it’s almost an easy, painless experience. Without, it’s a sticky, painful mess all over the bathroom. We highly recommend going into a studio, like our Elysian spa, for waxing services, especially for a Brazilian wax. The smooth skin after a good Brazilian is almost addictive. To learn more about the smoothest Brazilian wax in Southern Pines, North Carolina, keep reading.

Before the appointment

Your hair must be ¼ inch or the length of a long grain of rice for the wax to adhere and remove the hair from the follicle. That’s about 2-3 weeks of initial hair growth after shaving or 4 weeks of growth between waxing appointments. This may vary depending on your hair type and specific needs. It is always advised to exfoliate on a regular basis to prevent ingrown hairs. 

During the waxing service 

Your Elysian licensed esthetician will give you a few minutes to get ready for your Brazilian Waxing service.  In your room, you’ll find a modesty towel and towelette for your convenience and comfort. The esthetician will knock to make sure you are ready, upon entering the room to begin the hair removal procedure. Your esthetician will use a pre-wax gel solution to reduce redness, irritation, and pain.

After removing all unwanted hair

Your esthetician will remove any ingrown hairs that might cause irritation. At Elysian, we also use post-wax treatments, with every Brazilian wax, to prevent ingrown hairs, dissuade bacteria, calm the skin, restore the skin’s hydrolipidic mantle, and slow down future hair growth processes.  As an add-on service, you can always opt for a Hydrojelly mask to soothe the newly waxed skin. This add-on is soothing and offers other benefits such as cooling, calming inflammation, and hydrating the area. After all, we are a facial spa and skin care is of the utmost importance.


Avoid exercise, tight clothing, and steamy baths. Just like you take care of your skin after a facial, we recommend taking care of your skin after a wax. We recommend waiting to continue your regular exfoliation routine for at least 2 days after your intimate wax appointment. Ask us about how you can benefit from our at-home care for exfoliation, ingrown hair prevention, and intimate skin brightening kits.

Hair has a timely growth pattern, and it’s vital to get the hair on the same pattern for the cleanest wax. Typically, it takes about 3 sessions before your hair is on the same growth cycle. This is why we want you to stay consistent throughout the entire year. Once you shave in between wax appointments, you allow those roots to gain strength again, which makes your next wax feel almost like your first one. You’ll have less hair that grows slower and thinner when you stay consistent. Waxing can damage the hair follicle enough to impede growth. At Elysian, we believe so strongly in consistency that we are offering a Brazilian Wax Package to our clients. For a savings of $110, you can purchase a package of 6 Brazilian waxes for $400 with appointments made in advance, 3-4 weeks apart. Elysian offers waxing Tuesday-Friday from 10 AM – 6 PM. Clients can book an appointment or a Brazilian package through our booking service, Vagaro, or call for scheduling and inquiries.

Elise Santoyo

Elise is a licensed Aesthetician, Microblading/PMU artist, and owner/CEO of Elysian Skin & Beauty Studio. Elise earned her Aesthetics certification from Central Carolina and is licensed in the state of North Carolina in Aesthetics Technologies. She is also certified in various facial and aesthetic modalities.

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