April 12, 2023

Brow Lamination Aftercare

You’ve had your first brow lamination. It looks amazing. Your brow hairs are full and feathery, and your esthetician has explained everything you need to know about aftercare. But then as soon as you walk out of the brow studio, you suddenly forget everything! Don’t worry— we’ve got you covered. This is Elysian Skin & Beauty Studio’s guide to brow lamination aftercare. 

Don’t Go Chasin’ Waterfalls

The first 48 hours after an eyebrow lamination are the most critical. Just like you’d wait to wash your hair after having a perm or coloring done, we recommend avoiding getting your brows excessively wet during the first 48 hours post-lamination. Clients should never schedule a lamination if they know they’re going swimming or hot-tubbing. And be careful to avoid your eyebrows during your skincare routine. Washing your face with a gentle face cloth is a game changer on lamination and wax days!

Can’t Handle the Heat

CAUTION— There’s nothing like a little humidity to ruin a perfectly good brow lamination. Under normal circumstances, we’d be a little jealous of clients heading off to steam rooms, saunas, and hot tubs. After a long day at the spa, that sounds like a dream! Unfortunately, heat wreaks havoc on brow laminations, so we’ll have to ask you to raincheck. That means no steam rooms, saunas, hot tubs, sunbeds, sweating, or steamy showers for at least 48 hours post treatment. 

Pillow Talk

There are a lot of reasons not to sleep on your face— wrinkles, facial asymmetry, clogged pores, acne, neck problems, obstructed breathing… the list goes on. One you might not have thought of is staring you right in the face— your brows. Immediately after a brow lamination treatment, your brow hair is a little more malleable than usual. We recommend protecting your brows by sleeping on your back to avoid creasing your eyebrows, and then making it a habit to protect your skin, too!

Product Junkie

Trust your esthetician. We’ve done a lot of research to make sure you have the best products to keep your brows healthy after a lamination. We simply do not skimp when it comes to the health of your skin and hair. London Brow gives the best brow lamination results, and they do a stellar job with their aftercare. The brow lamination restructures the bonds in your brow hair, so we use London Brow Keratin treatment twice a day, every day, to keep the hair strong and healthy. This is important to use before showering to protect the brow hair from water. After showering, gently blot the brows and apply more keratin. We also recommend applying Grande Brow Growth Serum every night for super thick and nourished brows. Avoid using makeup remover that contains oils to lengthen the lifespan of your lamination. 

brow lamination aftercare


We love exfoliation as much as the next esthetician but hold off at least 48 hours after your lamination, and try to avoid your brow hair for the duration of the lamination. That means no retinol or AHAs. Also, avoid rubbing your eyes or scrubbing your brows which can be harsh on the brow hair. We recommend gently brushing your brow hair with the spoolie provided by your esthetician. 

Ready For Round 2

At Elysian Skin & Beauty Studio, we require clients to wait at least 8 weeks between appointments to protect the health of their brow hair. Our front desk can help you correctly re-book at the end of your brow lamination appointment! 

We never want to overprocess the eyebrow hair, but we know clients are eager to keep that laminated look for as long as they can! We’ve found a pretty clever solution. Our London Brow ICE styling product extends the life of your lamination until your next brow appointment. Just apply the brow gel with a spoolie during your makeup routine and wash it away with your evening skincare. 

Good brow lamination aftercare is the key to a long-lasting lamination. The results are worth it! Schedule your brow lamination at Elysian Skin & Beauty Studio or stop to pick up some of our favorite brow products. We can’t wait to see you!

Elise Santoyo

Elise is a licensed Aesthetician, Microblading/PMU artist, and owner/CEO of Elysian Skin & Beauty Studio. Elise earned her Aesthetics certification from Central Carolina and is licensed in the state of North Carolina in Aesthetics Technologies. She is also certified in various facial and aesthetic modalities.

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