April 22, 2023

Do Eyebrow Growth Serums Really Work?

Whether your eyebrows started thinning as you aged or you overplucked them in the 90s when thin brows were trending, it’s not too late to get the thick, gorgeous eyebrows you’ve been dreaming of. After years of searching for the miracle product to help me grow my brows, I found it. So to answer the question— do eyebrow growth serums really work? Yes. At least… this one does.

What is the best eyebrow-growing serum?

Grande Cosmetics is my favorite cosmetic brand for lashes, brows, and lips. I’ve been using the GrandeBROW Brow Enhancing Serum every day for over two years, and I have used the GrandeLASH-MD Lash Enhancing Serum for over six years. Grande Cosmetics is a company that empowers you to “enhance your lashes, lips, brows, and beyond” with your own personal arsenal of Grande products. It’s also vegan and cruelty-free which is important to me as an animal lover.

The GrandeBROW serum is the best eyebrow growth serum I have ever used. It’s formulated with ingredients like amino acids, vitamins, and antioxidants that promote fuller brows in 6-8 weeks. You’ll see the full effect after 4 months of consistent use. This serum is perfect for sparse, over-plucked, or thinning eyebrows. It’s also great for thicker brows that might look more like cousins than sisters or full brows that you want to enhance. 

Benefits of a Brow Growth Serum

The best part of using a brow growth serum is that the results are coming from your own hair. As much as we love brow pencils and dye, there’s another level of satisfaction you can take from improving your natural brows. The aestheticians at  Elysian love when clients combine the GrandeBROW serum in conjuction with the treatments they receive. A fuller, healthier natural brow will just enhance the result of your brow wax, brow lamination, brow tint, or brow dye. 

How Does a Brow Growth Serum Work?

GrandeBrow serum works best with consistent use. According to GrandeBROW cosmetics, you should “apply GrandeBROW to the natural shape of your brow, concentrating specifically on sparse, thinning, over-plucked, or tail-less areas” once a day. Then, allow one to two minutes for the brow serum to fully dry. I recommend applying just before bed when you brush your teeth and apply your eyelash serum, so you’ll never miss a day. 

The full eyebrow hair growth cycle is four months. This includes three phases:

  • Anagen: growth phase
  • Catagen: transition phase
  • Telogen: resting phase

During the four months, GrandeBrow is hydrating, nourishing, and conditioning the brow hair with its super-concentrated serum. You’ll notice significantly fuller and healthier brows at this point. Grande recommends applying the serum every other day for maintenance after the initial four months are over. 

do eyebrow growth serums really work

grandebrow brow enhancing serum

The Ingredients

I wanted a formula that was good for sensitive skin, prevented hair loss, and helped me achieve full, bushy brows. I was looking for something with a more sophisticated formula than castor oil with a specific formulation for eyebrows. Minoxidil, for example, promotes hair growth but is formulated for the head, not to be near the eye. 

GrandeBROW contains key ingredients:

  • Amino acid L-Proline to fortify the brows
  • Hyaluronic acid to condition, protect, and hydrate
  • Vitamin E to support brow health

Each ingredient is specifically chosen to help protect, hydrate, and condition the brows for optimal health. You can check out Grande Cosmetics for a full list of ingredients in the brow serum. 

Put Down The Tweezers

While you’re working so hard to grow out your brows, the last thing you want to do is over-tweezer. If you’re a serial over-tweezer, make sure you put down the tweezers and refrain from touching your eyebrow hair. Instead, make regularly scheduled appointments with your aesthetician to hold you accountable. Your aesthetician will be able to groom and shape your brows so they look clean and symmetrical and complement your face shape. At Elysian, we often say, “Even one brow hair can make the difference between perfectly shaped and sparse or over-tweezed”.

The repeated trauma of over-tweezing can result in damage to the hair follicle. When the hair follicle is damaged, the hair may become sparse. Sparse brows are the last thing we want. However, damaging the hair follicle is one of the reasons we love professional waxing and/or tweezing to get rid of unwanted hair on the face and body. We highly recommend you see an expert who is skilled in hair removal. At Elysian Skin & Beauty Studio, all of our aestheticians are licensed and highly skilled in hair removal. 

What Causes Thinning Brows?

Hair thinning, or eyebrow alopecia, can be caused by underlying skin conditions, endocrine disorders, autoimmune disease, aging, nutritional deficiencies, stress, and more. If you believe your sparse eyebrows or thin eyebrows are a result of a more serious problem, we suggest consulting your doctor for more insight about the root cause and further treatment. This can be especially important before starting a cosmetic treatment, including an eyebrow serum. 

What are the side effects of eyebrow growth serum?

According to Grande Cosmetics, GrandeBROW is typically well tolerated by most users. “Sensitivity is rare,” but “most sensitivity is found only after initial use.” Typically this is because too much product is used per application. 

Are GrandeBROW and GrandeLASH interchangeable? 

GrandeBROW is not a replacement for a lash serum and is not recommended for eyelash use. The opposite is also true. The eyelash growth serum is not formulated to be used on eyebrows. The formulations are different, and the eyebrow and eyelash growth cycles are different. The brow growth cycle is three to four months long, whereas the lash growth cycle can take anywhere from four to eleven months to complete.  This is one of the reasons consistent use of your serum is important. 

Elysian Skin & Beauty Studio does all of the research so you can trust you’re getting the best products possible. We carry GrandeBROW Brow Enhancing Serum at our Broadstreet location in downtown Southern Pines, NC. GrandeBROW is also available to purchase on our website and is available for pickup or delivery. Be sure to take before and after progress photos to track your brow growth and see the full extent of your results!

Elise Santoyo

Elise is a licensed Aesthetician, Microblading/PMU artist, and owner/CEO of Elysian Skin & Beauty Studio. Elise earned her Aesthetics certification from Central Carolina and is licensed in the state of North Carolina in Aesthetics Technologies. She is also certified in various facial and aesthetic modalities. 


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