eyebrow wax southern pines nc

April 4, 2023

The Best Eyebrow Wax Southern Pines NC

For such a quaint town, Southern Pines has a bustling beauty scene. Hair salons, med spas, nail salons… the options are endless! But where do you go for a good brow wax? Luckily, I know just the place for the perfect eyebrow wax in Southern Pines, North Carolina. Elysian Skin & Beauty Studio is your one-stop shop for eyebrow waxing, shaping, and more. 

Salon Services

At Elysian Skin & Beauty Studio, we understand that everyone’s eyebrows and brow goals are different. We pride ourselves in offering a variety of additional services that complement your eyebrow wax to help you achieve your perfect brow. 

  • Trim & Tweeze Me
  • Basic Brow Wax
  • Boujee Brow Shaping
  • Brow Tint, Wax & Shaping
  • Brow Dye/Henna, Wax & Shaping
  • Brow Lamination with Tint/Dye, Wax & Shaping
  • Brow Lamination with Wax & Shaping (no tint/dye)
  • Microblading/PMU

Why Elysian Does It Best

Think of Elysian as a hair salon for your brows, and our estheticians as the salon professionals. We have years of experience removing unwanted hair and tinting eyebrows. We also stay up to date on exciting innovations in the aesthetics industry so you always have access to the best quality tools, products, and hygienic procedures for the best customer experience. At Elysian, we don’t do 5-minute brows, we fix 5-minute brows!  We get those brows looking as close to sisters vs distant cousins, and we are more on the conservative side and don’t take off too much.  We help you keep that tail!! The care your eyebrows receive at Elysian will be the best in town. Skip that nail salon, and let them stick to what they do best… nails. 

eyebrow wax southern pines nc

The Best Eyebrow Wax Southern Pines NC: How We Do It

We take our time. Each brow appointment is scheduled to give you the attention your brows need and is done in your own private treatment room. We begin every appointment by making sure your brows are ready to be waxed. That means no retinol or AHAs for a minimum of 48 hours and no Botox within 24 hours. Check out our Guide to Waxing for a more extensive list of waxing rules. 

Next, we prep the skin. We cleanse the skin to remove any makeup, oil, or residue. Then, depending on the sensitivity of your skin, we may add a pre-wax oil to ensure the smoothest wax possible. As a facial spa, we pride ourselves in keeping your skin the healthiest possible during waxing. 

At Elysian, we created the most beautiful blend of waxes for our clients. We even have a specific wax just for the brows! We heat our wax to just the right temperature and use special wax sticks that ensure the utmost precision during application. Once we’ve finished the wax, we utilize tweezing to remove any fine or unwanted hair left on the skin, and we usually trim the brows throughout the process to ensure we find their best-finished shape. 

Finally, we may use a wax aftercare product like our Color Up healing Salve to calm the skin. For our Boujee Brow clients, feel free to request a “finished look” with our Grande Brow Fill, clean-look highlight, or London Brow Ice to finish off your brow look!

Whether you’re looking for a basic brow wax or a full brow lamination, Elysian Skin & Beauty Studio does the best eyebrow wax in Southern Pines, NC! Not to mention, we also offer body waxing. Book your next brow wax through our booking service or call 910.725.0292. 

Elise Santoyo

Elise is a licensed Aesthetician, Microblading/PMU artist, and owner/CEO of Elysian Skin & Beauty Studio. Elise earned her Aesthetics certification from Central Carolina and is licensed in the state of North Carolina in Aesthetics Technologies. She is also certified in various facial and aesthetic modalities. 

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