First, let’s talk about what microneedling is. Even if you’ve heard of microneedling, you may not fully understand the benefits of this remarkable cosmetic treatment. In a nutshell, microneedling is collagen induction therapy. This is one of the most effective, least invasive medical modalities in the aesthetics world. Using sterilized microneedles, the skin is repetitively […]

I don’t know about you, but I never leave the house without doing my brows. It doesn’t matter if I’m going makeup-free, doing my everyday makeup, or going full-glam. I look more put together and feel more like myself. Because of that, I’ve collected a few brow products. I have found the best eyebrow products for […]

Whether your eyebrows started thinning as you aged or you overplucked them in the 90s when thin brows were trending, it’s not too late to get the thick, gorgeous eyebrows you’ve been dreaming of. After years of searching for the miracle product to help me grow my brows, I found it. So to answer the […]

You’ve had your first brow lamination. It looks amazing. Your brow hairs are full and feathery, and your esthetician has explained everything you need to know about aftercare. But then as soon as you walk out of the brow studio, you suddenly forget everything! Don’t worry— we’ve got you covered. This is Elysian Skin & […]

For such a quaint town, Southern Pines has a bustling beauty scene. Hair salons, med spas, nail salons… the options are endless! But where do you go for a good brow wax? Luckily, I know just the place for the perfect eyebrow wax in Southern Pines, North Carolina. Elysian Skin & Beauty Studio is your […]

Waxing Waxing can mean different things to everyone. Some women schedule a basic brow wax every two weeks for easy maintenance. Some opt for a lip and chin wax or a full face for a fuzz-free face. Others skip the face entirely and go straight for a Brazilian and full-leg wax. No matter what you’re […]

The Elysian Brazilian Wax At Elysian Skin & Beauty Studio, we take waxing seriously. Not only do we use the best quality wax and have the strictest hygiene standards (we never double-dip), but we also have fun during our Brazilian waxing appointments! Fun appointments mean less stress which means you’re too busy laughing to think […]

The Elysian Facial  At Elysian Skin & Beauty Studio, we believe you deserve the best facial Southern Pines has to offer. Our estheticians provide treatments to address your skin type and condition(s). Every client’s spa experience will be unique. The Elysian Facial is customized to meet our client’s needs and desired outcomes.  Why should you […]

Elysian Skin & Beauty Studio welcomes you to experience the Elysian Spa. We are a Southern Pines spa specializing in skincare, waxing, brows, and lashes.


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